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ABOUT...El Gringos Scarborough

El Gringos Scarborough

El Gringos Scarborough offers a wide selection of Mexican and Tex-Mex food. Come along for fantastic food, generous portions and a great night out!

Did you know?

The word Gringo generated when the United States Army invaded Mexico wearing green uniforms, the natives shouted "Green Go Home" thus creating Greengo - Gringo.

Of all the communities that exist in America, the Cajun have probably the most extraordinary story. They were among the first european settlers to develop a sense of identity separate from their country of origin and they have created a unique culture that has evolved since they settled in the swamps and bayous of the Mississippi and the prairies of Lousiana.

Caribbean cuisine owes much to the indigenous Amerindian tribes such as the Arawak who grow garlic, peppers, papaya and pineapple which they use when barbequing - even the word barbeque comes from the Taino tribe who once peopled Haiti.

Columbus introduced European food to the islands and in return sweet potato (Batata) and white potato came to Europe.

Later, the arrival of African slaves and Indians on the islands influenced the cuisine.

Add to this mix the many fish dishes (due part to the location of the islands) plus a French and British input and today you have one of most diverse cuisines on Earth...and probably the rhythm, music and dance!


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